In-vitro Activity of Antibiotics

The development of a new antimicrobial substance begins with test-tube (in vitro) investigations of the efficacy of the substance on various microorganisms. Antiinfectives Intelligence will undertake as contract research these research projects, which are the basis for preclinical investigations of the pharmacology and toxicology of new active ingredients.

The determination of the in-vitro activity of antibiotics is performed in dilution series in which the effect of varying concentrations of the substance on the microorganism is tested. According to the intended use of the substance, e.g. therapy of acute respiratory or urinary tract infections, its activty is tested in larger in-vitro studies with numerous human pathogens.

We offer:

  • Determination of the in-vitro efficacy of antibiotics
  • Determination of the pharmacodynamics of antibiotics in an in-vitro model
  • Investigations of the development of the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics
  • Preparation of final reports on external research
  • Preparation of publications of the results of internal and external studies